Foreign trade merchandiser

  • Hangzhou-Shangcheng Distr
  • Trade Merchandising
  • 1
  • full time
  • Negotiable
  • Unlimited
  • College
  • 2 years

Male or female, bachelor's degree or above.

Language requirements: High-skilled Chinese communication, College English level 4 or above, proficient in reading and writing, familiar with computer software operation.

Experience requirements: Foreign trade documents and related work experience are preferred.

Competency requirements: Clear thinking, good  logical reasoning. Strong learning and memory skills and team spirit.

Character requirements: Honest and reliaable, strong sense of responsibility, able to bear certain work pressures, high work enthusiasm, and work efficiency.

Other requirements: Patient and careful, able to endure hardship, can adapt to overtime work, positive energy,.

Working years: no work experience

Minimum education: undergraduate

Age: 20-30 years old

Language: English - Skilled

Major: International Economics & Trade / English

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QC Inspector

  • Hangzhou-Shangcheng Distr
  • Quality Management / Insp
  • Several
  • full time
  • Negotiable
  • Unlimited
  • Junior College
  • 2 years

1. Familiar with the production process and quality standards of textiles, and carry out quality supervision and inspection on factory products;

2. Solve the quality problems at the site, participate in the investigation of quality accidents and prepare inspection reports;

3. Coordinate the business and technical departments to analyze the quality issues and supervise the implementation and effectiveness of the improvement measures;

4. Continuously monitor the progress of all quality objectives and implement necessary improvement measures;

5. Assist the relevant departments of the company to formulate the company's product quality standards.

1. Junior College degree or above in related industries; basic English, proficient use of office software

2. More than 1 year working experience in quality related positions; familiar with quality management system; understanding textile process

3. Serious and responsible work, rigorous and meticulous, strong analytical and problem solving skills; good teamwork spirit;

4, honest and reliable, strong sense of responsibility, abide by the principles, do things well, have a good professionalism and professional ethics

5, have good communication skills, strong learning and memory skills, can endure hardships, adapt to business trips

+86 571 87082803