Fashion show and hat scarf gloves show, join hands to set the industry to lead the industry!

Release time: 2019-08-29

Gloves are hand warmers or labor protection items, and are also decorative. Gloves are made of cotton yarn, plush, leather, microfiber, cloth, rubber, etc. according to the material. China is a big glove producing country. It exports billions of gloves to Europe, the United States, and Japan every year. The domestic market also has a demand of 9 billion pairs. The number of domestic glove product manufacturers reached tens of thousands, the large glove enterprises accounted for 13.48% in the industry, the medium-sized enterprises accounted for 35.62%, and the small enterprises accounted for the largest, accounting for 50.90%, but the annual industrial sales reached 10 million. There are only a few hundred companies in the above.

In recent years, with the increasing level of people's consumption and the constant pursuit of fashion, a number of new products such as touch-screen gloves and jacquard gloves have emerged one after another. In order to help domestic glove manufacturers to explore business opportunities in the new era, the 2018 Shanghai International Hat Scarf Gloves Exhibition and Fashion Show was hosted by Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Co., Ltd. The exhibition gathers the boutiques of the apparel industry and is committed to serving the new round of industry development. As the only special exhibition of clothing and apparel in the world, it will be combined with the 13th Shanghai International Socks Sourcing Fair (CHPE) with an exhibition area of 30,000 square meters. It is expected to have more than 600 exhibitors and 15,000 professional visitors. The event's fashion apparel apparel products, as a focus of promotion, create a one-stop sourcing platform designed to help Chinese apparel face the world and lead the industry.

At present, there are many glove manufacturers exhibiting, including: knitted gloves, leather gloves, cotton gloves, cut-proof gloves, anti-cut arm, touch screen gloves, magic gloves, etiquette white gloves, cashmere gloves, reflective gloves, Semi-finger training gloves, UV protection gloves, work protective gloves, outdoor sports gloves, PU gloves, fitness gloves, tactical gloves, fur gloves, Bluetooth gloves, Bluetooth hats, jacquard gloves, high temperature gloves, dispensing gloves, etc.

Up to now, a large number of famous enterprises in the glove industry, including: Jiangsu Friendship Gloves, Sakata Trade, Gospel Knitting, Feiyang Knitting, Double TOEFL Gloves, Nantong Guanyi Clothing, Zhipeng Knitting, Hongjun Textile, Zhouze Gloves, Jiyuan Gloves, Runhong Knitting, Dongyu Hat Industry Gloves, Nantong Duodumu, etc. have all signed up.