Shanghai Hat Scarf Gloves and Fashion Show will show you the future growth of the industry!

Release time: 2019-08-29

With the continuous improvement of living standards, after 80, 90, and even 00, it has gradually become the main force of social consumption. Everyday wear requires them to highlight their own personal elements, while hats, scarves, gloves, jewelry, etc. are popular. Apparel can be a golden one in the overall match, and such products have been paid more and more attention by the crowd. Changes in circulation and domestic demand in recent years have led to explosive growth of such products. The arrival of the 2019 Shanghai International Fashion Show and Shanghai International Hat Scarf Gloves Exhibition once again brought the whole industry to the excitement, and the industry is ready to participate in this wonderful event.

All kinds of hats come on stage

The hat crafts made by different materials and materials are different. This year's exhibition invited the hat industry enterprises from various famous production areas in China to come to the exhibition, including: Junchen Hat Industry, Wanli Hat Industry, Xinhui Cap from Cixi Township Cixi Industry, Yanqi Hat Industry, Xinsheng Cap, Junde, Satellite Hat Industry; Fengze Hat Industry, Guansheng Cap, Linjing Cap, Mingjia Hat Industry, Qixing Hat Industry, Xinguanfa Cap, Xin Jiacheng Hat, Zegu Chunxiao, Jinyizhou Hat Industry; Junyi Hat, Kaixin Industry, Kaipumai Hat Bag, Kangbo Clothing, Ma Shite Hat Industry, Pinyou Clothing, Mansheng Special Clothing, Dongguan; Origin of Zhangjiagang Apparel, Oukai clothing, Baoshi high clothing, Hengtai hat industry, Shisheng knitting, Tianyi knitting, new crown knitting, a top dress, hiking outdoor products, Jianhua costumes, Fuyou caps; Chengwen clothing of Yiwu origin, Lujin Knitting, Ou Rui Apparel, Wenersi Knitting, Ju Cong Cap, etc., they will be represented by other companies in the country such as: Fleetett (Xiamen) Hat Industry, Sedona Clothing, Jinjier Hat Industry, Zhejiang Jing Jie, Jiulong hat industry, brocade Hats, Somat hats, line sports, silk knits, Angguan hats, Lingheng trade, first crown costumes, Zhongran crafts, Bolin crafts, tall hats, Wanglong hat industry, Xiangyu hat industry, Yilan Knitting, Weilian, Hanmeng Clothing, Daishangmei Hat Industry, Fuxin Textile, Rongguan Hat Industry, Dolphin Hat, Yongchen Hat Industry, Bohao Clothing, China and Africa Clothing, Handicapped Clothing, Kerry Clothing, Rui Employing apparel, Shengze Hat Industry, Nantong Duomu, Ouli Crafts, Jialing Knitting, Yixintai, Youding, Huayuan Hat Industry, Santian Hat Industry, Xinchen Hat Industry, Fuma Car, etc. The wearer needs to showcase the full range of hat products.

Scarf scarves origin

Suhang Silk, Inner Mongolia Cashmere, Tongxiang Knitting; compared to hats, scarves and scarf exhibitors combine raw materials with modern trends, and bring out the functionality and aesthetics. This year's exhibition brought together: Dongshenglang clothing, Yakuo clothing, 昊昊 clothing, Aochi silk, Skafu clothing, Yufei clothing, Zhifang silk, Kangbo clothing, high-quality clothing, Fuxin textile, Baoya silk, Envy scarf, Befino, Jinyixuan textiles, Yipeng textile, Schneider, Kyle clothing, Meichuan clothing, Silker, Duomu, Langdu clothing, Kerry clothing, Jialing, Yixintai, Tisha Cashmere, Jingzhuo Cashmere, Kaiwang, Ruili Fluffy, Changyi Clothing, OK, Junjun Textile, Silk Union, Sending Charcoal Clothing, Lingheng, Man Zhier, Shengyexin, Yilan, Yue Well-known enterprises such as Ming, Cannabis Chengwei, Daiweimei, Laoxiang Textile, Songlei Clothing, Ai Xue Clothing, Ou Rui Clothing, Fawte, Kaijia Needle Textile, Luyi Textile, etc., directly present the excellent products of the place of origin to To the audience in the industry.

Gloves and other accessories

Gloves and other accessories such as silverware, headwear, hair accessories and other enterprises are also one of the important highlights of this year's Shanghai International Hat Scarf Gloves Exhibition. The exhibitors of this exhibition: Zhipeng Knitting, Ruyi Gloves, Pinyou Clothing, Swan Lake Commerce, Lixin Gloves, Jiayu Clothing, Kerry Apparel, Snowflake Knitting, Xuezimei Gloves and Chunxin Gloves will focus on displaying related products. At the same time, the exhibition held three other themed exhibitions: “The 14th Shanghai International Socks Sourcing Fair”, “Shanghai International Shoe Industry Exhibition” and “Shanghai International Lifestyle Fashion Underwear Exhibition”, dedicated to serving more market segments. Open up more cross-border new business opportunities and channels for exhibitors.  

2019 Shanghai International Fashion Exhibition Series Exhibition, China Department Store Business Association, China Department Store Business Association Hat Decoration Professional Committee, Shanghai Garment Industry Association, Shanghai Apparel and Footwear Business Association, Shanghai Apparel Society Accessories Professional Committee, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Apparel and Accessories Association Many institutions were held in the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Exhibition Hall on March 20-22. This exhibition is deeply divided into four areas, which are divided into four major thematic exhibitions: Shanghai International Hat and Scarf Gloves Exhibition, Shanghai International Footwear Exhibition, Shanghai International Lifestyle Fashion Exhibition and Shanghai International Hosiery Industry. Purchase fair. The Shanghai International Hat and Scarf Gloves Exhibition, which was held again, is one of the most important highlights of this exhibition.

The exhibition hall with 50,000 square meters will gather more than 700 exhibiting companies. The exhibits include hats, scarves, gloves, accessories, socks, lifestyle underwear and footwear. According to statistics, overseas visitors have pre-registered more than 2,000 people, and it is expected to attract 15,000 professional visitors from home and abroad.